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Why Invest With a Professional Money Manager, As Distinct From Mutual Funds, Financial Planners & Stockbrokers (aka "Financial Advisors" and "Financial Consultants")

      There are three primary reasons to choose a professional money manager for securities investing: (1) the quality of the money manager's expertise and Registered Investment Advisor status, (2) the individualized management of each client's independent accounts, if in an individual account and (3) notably, the fact that a professional money manager is not compensated by commissions, unlike stockbrokers and many financial planners.
      Investment management and advice from a professional money manager is aimed toward finding the best investments for the client and is not biased in favor of potentially lower quality investments that pay commissions. It offers the personal attention of an independent licensed investment analyst who specializes in and has in-depth experience, education and training in the field of securities investing.  Each client's personal stock portfolio, if in an individual account, is separately maintained with custodian of assets, Interactive Brokers LLC, member SIPC, or if within an institutional account of proper size, with Charles Schwab, member SIPC.

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