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Investment Philosophy of
Bullbear Investment Management, LLC

      Our company's philosophy is that superior portfolio returns are best earned by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies likely to experience superior long-term growth. Selection of companies is based on our rigorous evaluation of company financials as well as our subjective evaluation of opportunities for profitable growth available to each company. Bullbear's disciplined approach to valuation aims to determine an investment's intrinsic value, then to purchase securities at a discount and sell at a premium to this intrinsic value. The company's overall strategy aims to protect and grow wealth in both bull and bear markets. (1)
      Specifically, Bullbear emphasizes the development of an individualized investment plan for each client stating investment objectives, projected returns, risk tolerance, time horizon and the need for income or liquidity. Based on this plan, Bullbear's equity investment approach is to construct blended stock portfolios with a mix of geographies (both foreign and domestic stocks), styles (value and growth) and capitalizations (small cap, mid cap and large cap). This style allows the client to participate in a number of equity sectors, which tends to smooth performance over time and exposes an account to a large range of opportunities for account growth. In this manner, we can work to deliver consistent and competitive investment returns without undue risk.
1 Investing involves risk of loss of principal, past performance does not guarantee future results and some investments may not be suitable to certain investors.
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